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  1. wingman883

    Range training question

    Hi all, South Carolina cwp holder here. I'm going to be in Birmingham in a couple of weeks and will be looking for a Range. I have a friend who just purchased her first handgun and needs some training. I will be doing a lot of non-firing exercises and range work. Does anyone know of the...
  2. wingman883

    Revolver VS Auto

    I was just sitting here and I thought I would stir up things. Yea, I know I can be a trouble maker. How many revolver fans vs Automatic fans do we have here and why. Why would you choose one over the other? I don't want to get into caliber just type. Personnally I'm a revolver fam...
  3. wingman883

    New Hampshire Out Of State

    I was wondering if anyone has gotten their New Hampshire out of State CCP lately and how long did you have to wait? I sent my application of last week and was wondering how long I had to wait. That is if all my paper work is in order and New Hampshire finds me acceptable.
  4. wingman883

    Question for all

    I was thinking about this the othe day and I thought I would pass it along to the forum. The question: How has having a CWP changed your life? I wanted to see what ya'll ( yes I'm from south carolna LOL ) have to say. I'll save my comments till later, I want to hear ya'lls thoughts. This...
  5. wingman883


    I'm just setting here at my desk this morning drinking coffee and I thought I would start something. :laugh: I have read a lot of post about what people carry but I don't think I've seen anyone say that they carry a Para. Me thinks to myself, why? Are we Para people quite and shy? Or do we...
  6. wingman883

    No duty to rescue

    Fox News had on a story about a lady who was raped in a subway station about two years ago while subway employees looked on. The employees did call the police who arrived ten minutes later after the deed was done. She sued and the suit was recently thrown out because NY does not have a duty to...