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  1. Gamecockfan1963

    Visiting Georgia

    hey guys hope someone can help me out,i am planing on going to Ga. this weekend and wont to know where i need to keep my gun while in state. thanks in advance
  2. Gamecockfan1963

    old colt 25 auto

    i am hunting some info. i know its 40+ yrs old it has a 5 digit serial #
  3. Gamecockfan1963

    Question about Cherokee carry

    What is the laws about carring in cherokee,,I am heading that way and i am wondering,,Thanks in advance
  4. Gamecockfan1963

    JUST for FUN......

    43,500 first time...Thats fun
  5. Gamecockfan1963

    Caption Contest

    I am going to do to you what we just did to this country but only" Barvarin style"
  6. Gamecockfan1963

    Check out poll; vote now

    I hope i did this right,,go vote on fox news poll Link Removed... Sorry all, it is a poll on weather you think obummer care is good for our country or not..and the libs are jumping all over it
  7. Gamecockfan1963

    Crossbreed Supertuck

    I am thinking of getting a supertuck for my XD sub-40,, I have heard alot of good things about them, but has anyone got any negitive feedback on them.. and thank you guys in advance. Thanks guys for all the info,,as i say there is no better place on the web to get it :),, I guess logic...
  8. Gamecockfan1963

    G27 or G23

    I am in the market for another carry pistol, icurrently have a ruger 357, but itis my wife's and she ib afixn to get her cwp. and my XD45 is just to hard to conseal with light clothing. I have looked at both,but i want some feedback on witch woukl be better, I have big hands and am not sure...
  9. Gamecockfan1963

    new laws??

    Has anyone heard anything about sc passing new law on having a weapon on school property,,I heard you can now remove your weapon from your person,, and put it in the glove box or trunck and be leagel on school grounds..anything??