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    My letter to Mayor Bloomberg

    I would ask Mike to create a system for out of state residents wishing to obtain a NYC license good for one year at a reasonable fee. This is the only way he could understand. It comes down to making money. It could be a very lucrative venture.
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    Concealed Carry Under Attack in Pennsylvania!

    It looks like it may head that way.I do see PA getting harder with residents obtaining a LTC in the near future.Centre County was very simple for an out of state resident who needed a permit.The Centre county permit is just a plain piece of paper with no photo.BTW Centre county doesn't check to...
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    Change to PA Concealed Carry Permits

    The Sheriff of Pike county won't issue a non resident a LTC if there permit is restricted.You must pick up the application in person present a valid permit and state ID.Centre county is the best no question, never contact the two character refrences in ten days just a plain piece of paper no...
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    Rochester Personal Defense, LLC - Utah permit class at Bass Pro Shops in Auburn NY

    It has to do with the" Florida non resident" which is not recognized in Pennsylvania.I know many permit holders in NY that have the Florida permit and a PA LTC.The non resident Florida CCW is not recognized in PA because Florida does not recognize a PA LTC that is issued to a out of state...
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    Cattaraugus County Pistol Permits

    The entire map should be YELLOW.Because New York state is May Issue.One or two counties issue a full carry but still you have to go through a backround and wait a few months to get a permit.If you show cause and have the proper training and right lawyer you can get a full carry in New York.
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    Cattaraugus County Pistol Permits

    Sullivan County is may issue with restrictions.You may request for an upgrade at a later date to lift the restrictions.NYC is also May issue with restrictions.
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    Ulster County Application

    This is what I learned,the judge does ask questions but if your not prepared than it reflects badly on you.I can say this that many of the applicant's were only given a restricted permit.Some have portrayed her as being the type who is not going to issue but deny.That was not the case as I found...
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    New York Carry Conceal Permit

    New York State is a may issue state. New York City doesn't recognize any New York state issued license. Nasau,Suffolk,Westchester county all have a restricted type target/hunting or sportsmans placed on the license.The trend now is restricted for most of the upstate counties as well.New York...