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    Have you tried Bersa's website? They have a fair selection. Link Removed
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    Self Defense in PA

    These kids should have stayed in school. Link Removed
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    No Kel-Tec booth at the NRA convention

    I went to the NRA convention in Pittsburgh today and, to my surprise and dismay, couldn't find a Kel-Tec booth among the myriad of exhibitors. Thinking that I may have missed it, I pulled out my exhibit catalog to find out where it might be. Now, I may at times be navigationally challenged, but...
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    Got my Census in the mail today

    I don't know about that, I seem to recall quite a lot of complaining about the 2000 census. Maybe it just depended which scaremongering right wing talk radio host we were listening to :fie:
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    A dozen things people should know about concealed weapons permit holders

    Firearms - Concealed Weapon Permit Holders by MarkFreburg
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    Feg p9r

    Took my P9R to the range the other day. I've had it a number of years and have shot it many times, but always with FMJ rounds. Since lately I've decided to use it as a carry and home defense weapon, I wanted to run some JHP through it to satisfy myself that it would feed and eject reliably...
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    Church Carry

    At a church deacon board meeting I was attending last night, our pastor asked how many of us had concealed carry permits and carried during services. Of the 3 of us, 2 (my son-in-law and I) said that we did and the 3rd board member said that his father-in-law did. You may be thinking that the...
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    Anyone carry a Ruger LCP?

    I'm considering a Ruger LCP for my every day ccw. Most of the reviews I've read have been positive. Anyone have experience with this model? I'd like to weigh the pros and cons. Thanks