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  1. clay5769

    .40 s&w

    :to_pick_ones_nose: Hey all I have been looking around for a new pistol and just general shopping I have pretty much everything I need so just kind of window shopping it seems like of all the larger caliber guns not .22 .25 .380s and stuff It seems to me everyone has a cheap version of 40 S&W...
  2. clay5769

    New Mosin-Nagant Owner - Any Tips?

    Mosin Nagant Hi all I just got mine and can not wait to go shoot it... hopefully next week or so I will. I got a few up-grades for it but nothing that cannot be taken off, I got a scout scope so I do not have to change the bolt and a mount that goes in place of the rear site (no drilling or...
  3. clay5769

    FL - OK to carry on belt in a car?

    I totally agree the only time you need to put it in the case or glove box or what ever is if you DO NOT have a ccw :yu: Go here for the Florida CCW rules and regulations From The Florida website about CCW Do I Need A Concealed Weapon License To...
  4. clay5769

    Looking for a weak hand fixed blade

    I have bought about 6 or 7 knives from here . Link Removed
  5. clay5769

    Good cheap target ammo

    Hi all whats a good cheap target ammo for hand guns in general ? I need .38 .357 .40 .45 9MM .380 just something for cutting paper.. Thanks Clayton
  6. clay5769

    Ammo shipping home Buying on-line

    Hi I live in Florida and I could not get any answers from either the vendor or anyone local Does anyone know in Florida is it Legal to buy ammo on-line and have it shipped to your home? I know you need a FFL for weapons :pleasantry: Thanks Clayton
  7. clay5769

    Post office carry

    Hi all I know in Florida you can NOT carry in a state or Federal buildings schools bars stadiums etc, but is a post office considered a federal building?? it does not say post office in Florida laws..
  8. clay5769

    How many can you carry?

    Perfect that is what I was looking for a direct answer clear cut yes or no from a expert on the subject:pleasantry: Thanks Luke Clayton
  9. clay5769

    Weapons in your Car?

    I know here in Florida you can have a gun in your car without a carry permit and there are a few rules covering that but I have a trunk on the sidecar of my motorcycle I was wondering if that would fall under the same law? Below is off of the Florida website but it says car not vehicle to me if...
  10. clay5769

    Florida Open Carry Petition

    I just found this on line I signed up. :yu: Restoration of the Right to Openly Carry Firearms in Florida Petition
  11. clay5769

    How many can you carry?

    Hi all I have never seen any where how many guns/weapons you can carry at one time?? With of a legal CCW:neo: I'm guessing there is no limit?? I live in Florida and I have looked up all the regulation and rules and have seen no mention of it any where? I mean its not like I'm going to carry 10...
  12. clay5769


    What do you think it means what I'm saying is like OK I have a shoulder holster it is under my shirt/coat but you can tell something is there now would that be legal or illegal by the definition concealed?? :to_pick_ones_nose: Here is Florida law Section 790.06 (1), Florida Statutes, defines...
  13. clay5769

    2 new toy's Leinad DD 45lc 3in 11in 45/410

    Hi all a saw these and had to have them both I ordered them I'm waiting from them to get here.. I just thought they were neat looking not sure what use they are. I'm wondering if the 11in would be legal to carry or even the 3in because they shoot .410 or .45 but from my understanding shot guns...
  14. clay5769

    On line gun auctions

    Anyone ever used it? Look like some good deals to be had it is like eBay for guns.. Guns - On line Gun Auction - Guns at Looks pretty good you just need to find a FFL dealer in you area to do the transfer and paper work:pleasantry:
  15. clay5769

    45 magazines capacity's and interchangeable with?

    Hi all I have dumb question sorry.. I just bought my 1911A1 .45 cal I want to get a larger capacity magazine mines is 1 in the pipe 6 in the mag My question is I have a Rock Island Armory .45 so do I use only there brand mag or can I use lets say a colt mag:confused: And if someone out...
  16. clay5769

    .22 cal knife

    I have seen lots of pictures but never a place to buy them this website had this information And I went there when lived in Maryland but they not carry them.. then go to products and then Global Research and Development. Pretty kool...:to_pick_ones_nose: Models and Stats...
  17. clay5769

    WASP Injector Knife

    Anyone ever seen or have one of these??? WASP Injection Systems, Inc. - WASP Injection Knife
  18. clay5769

    Rock Island Armory 1911

    Hi all I just bought this pistol Rock Island Armory 1911 man is it nice gun I got a good deal it was used but looks like new I got this and I got a nice little .38 revolver for my wife :pleasantry: to have in the car. $650.00 for both w/taxes both used but in real nice shape with carry case and...
  19. clay5769

    belly bank

    I have a belly band and I did not care for it if you want some thing like that you may want to try the shirt. I have 2 of these a black one and a white one and they work well I even tried it to see how well it worked I carried a high point .45 and a .40 both at the same time and it worked very...
  20. clay5769

    FL State Forest Carry

    I found this hope it helps. Link Removed:pleasantry: From what I got out of it yes you can carry in state and national parks. I could be wrong read and see.