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  1. PascalFleischman

    Who has a garden?

    Here's some pics of my garden....all 48 sq. ft. of it. I usually plant tomatoes and cucumbers, and depending on my mood, a hot pepper plant of some sort, zucchini, and/or green beans. I'm in Memphis, and my planting schedule is probably the same as yours. Don't be tempted to plant your garden...
  2. PascalFleischman

    Lowe's Hardware Store Prank

    Mrs. Pascal and I were killing time at Lowe's here in Memphis yesterday, when I came upon their section of small signs. You know, the black background ones with orange letters: Beware of Dog, No Trespassing, etc. Well, one of them was a "gunbuster" sign that says something along the lines of...
  3. PascalFleischman

    Did you celebrate with gunfire?

    My brother's friend was walking on the beach last July 4th and died as a result of a vertically falling bullet. It landed in the soft, fleshy part of the top of her shoulder and embedded in her lung. She died from complications (infection, blood clot, etc....not sure which). And this is not...
  4. PascalFleischman

    News Story About Murdered Co-Worker

    We found out last week that one of our co-workers was found in his car with a single shot to his head. No idea what the background was, but here's a news story as the case develops. Link Removed
  5. PascalFleischman

    Opening Weekend Was a Bust (With PHOTOS)

    Well, I slept in later than I would have liked on Saturday morning. For once, I was glad that the baby woke up at 4:30. Made me realize that I had "snoozed" for over an hour. Grabbed the baby out of the crib, gave him to the wife, and got dressed. Ended up getting to the camp just before...
  6. PascalFleischman

    Deer season

    Well, I don't hunt with a stick 'n' string, nor a smoke pole, so I haven't had a chance to do anything yet this year. Next Saturday is my gun opener, and I'll be there dark and early. I need to get a battery for the 4-wheeler between now and then so I can make sure it's running well. I'm...
  7. PascalFleischman

    Back from the Peoples' Republic of Illinois

    In nearly 3 years of carrying, I have never gone more than one 12-hour period without my pistol. After 3 days of being in Decatur, IL, I have decided that I will avoid Illinois at all cost. For one, there's nothing appealing to me about that state, whatsoever. For two, I have no desire to...
  8. PascalFleischman

    Pascal's Back....Lathered in Hand Sanitizer

    I prefer to get my medicinal facts from years of medical experience and technological practice. Some dude with a video on the internet that disputes scientific research and published studies will not change my mind. It's a sad state of affairs when multitudes of "internet experts" are swayed...
  9. PascalFleischman

    probably a stupid question about shotgun barrels

    Case Study #1: Link Removed Case Study #2: The Box O' Truth #45 - Shotgun Chokes and Buckshot Part Two - Page 1 DISCLAIMER: These links, nor my posting thereof, do not constitute official or expert opinions. It is up to you and your own research to determine which situation is most...
  10. PascalFleischman

    Pascal's Back....Lathered in Hand Sanitizer

    That's right, folks....ol' Pascal contracted the Swine Flu. That is a prime example of Irony. Nobody has been a more stringent opponent to the whole "pandemic" scare than I was. Furthermore, you would be hard pressed to find a more stringent hand-washer and all around germophobe than me...
  11. PascalFleischman

    New to me.....Ruger 10/22

    My father-in-law cleared out his father's gun safe after he died, and had an assortment of various .22 rifles and a couple shotguns on the table. It was a pretty spiffy little collection of interesting rifles, one of which was what he called a "gallery" gun. You load it by pumping ammo into a...
  12. PascalFleischman

    Obama awarded the heisman trophy!!!

    Yep, that's right folks. The NCAA just gave it to him after they heard he had just watched a college game! :biggrin: :laugh: :wacko: :sarcastic:
  13. PascalFleischman

    Restaurant Carry By State

    Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of states that allow carry in restaurants that serve alcohol?
  14. PascalFleischman

    Little Pascal Got His License Yesterday!

    TN Lifetime Hunting and Fishing license came in the mail! Somehow, little Pascal's just not that excited. I AM! Here's the skinny.....for a one-time $200 fee, he'll NEVER have to buy a state-level license to hunt, fish, or trap in TN. EVER. Regardless of where he calls home. I'm a Proud...
  15. PascalFleischman

    Protection of Intellectual Property....HELP!

    I'd appreciate some feedback from those of you that may have experience with protecting intellectual property. I have come up with a t-shirt design, and a lady here at work with screen-printing experience is helping to put my idea to paper. I would like to submit my idea to a local talk radio...
  16. PascalFleischman

    My Buddy Started a Blog

    I'm not sure how worthwhile it will become, but the guy is a "dry-humor" genius. If you have a low sensitivity tolerance, please be advised there is significant "sailor talk" throughout. His WalMart story will have you rolling. Link Removed
  17. PascalFleischman

    PascalFlesichman's Take on Pediatrics and Guns

    Well, I've seen it for years, but have never had the opportunity to experience it myself. Now that we have little Mr. Flesichman, we went for our first pediatrician visit. Well, with the requisite paperwork for new patients was their "medical history" questionnaire. You know, the standard...
  18. PascalFleischman

    Pascal's back, with one more!

    Thanks to "Rick O'Shay" for taking the helm for that we're back home and as settled as possible, let me present to you Marshall Wyatt "Fleischman". Any name similarities to famous gunslingers is purely coincidental....yet quite cool. Not quite Freudian, but I'm sure it's a "slip" of...
  19. PascalFleischman

    What I saw this weekend

    Link Removed That is absolutely awesome!
  20. PascalFleischman

    West tennessee criminal defense lawyer

    This guy is a fairly active member of a TN gun forum, and has given me permission to post his information. If you should ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to use your gun to defend yourself, this guy should be your first phone call after hanging up w/ 9-1-1. On a side...