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    Carry in church vs. church culture

    SHOOTING BACK, by the guy who carried in church Link Removed Charles Van Wyk in his book Shooting back discusses the stigma that comes with a guy who had carried and needed to use his weapon in church. The result was he saved many other lives. He then validated his actions through scripture...
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    Who makes 10mm?

    10mm STI Put aside Glock, Kimber. STI makes this weapon and it was the nicest pistol, I ever shot. It dawned on me a while back I was trying to negotiate a 10mm but couldn't get him to budge on the price. STI makes a beauty. Action is smoother than a babies backside. There are a fewused...
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    Bersa Mini Firestorm 45

    bersa magazine here's your bersa mag Link Removed
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    Who makes 10mm?

    Link Removed I think Taurus just came out with a new one for hunting. It was on Handguns TV show this week Outdoor Channel.