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    Choose your holster carefully

    I bought a Sig P238 a while back and had a hard time finding a suitable holster. I wanted the option of IWB, pocket carry and ankle carry depending on the situation. Well I settled on a DB Bullard wallet holster but it can take up to 21 weeks for delivery. Not a huge issue but what to do in the...
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    Opinions on pocket carry of Sig P238

    I've been looking at getting a small 380 pocket carry pistol and would like some opinions of those that own them. I've gone to the gun shops and handled several different ones. I originally was leaning towards the S&W bodyguard until I handled one. Way too small of a grip for me just wasn't...
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    Help with Illinois Law

    I'll be traveling through Illinois this month. What do I need to do to be legal passing through. Every other state I'll be in honors my permit but I need to get through Illinois without breaking any laws. Any one know what the requirements are for driving though the state with a weapon?