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    lawsuits after last years legislation

    Does anyone know what is the current status on the lawsuit the sheriffs started is?
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    any word on reciprocity

    Has the process started to form reciprocity agreements with other states, or will Illinois be a closed state?
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    Ruger LC9

    I have a RugerLC9 that has a crimson trace laser. Does anyone know of options for a holster for this. I haven't found anything that will fit with the laser.
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    assault weapon ban legislation in Illinois

    Heard through associated press. I think it is slapped onto some ammunition legislation. Anyone in Illinois shed any light on this?
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    arrested for open carrying

    A guy in Thornton was arrested on suspision of possessing a deadly weapon reported by the Denver post. He opened carried in a movie theater
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    high capacity mags

    So from what I understand there is a vote in the Senate today on banning high capacity mags. Not sure it will go very far. Does anyone know anything more than that?
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    kydex holsters

    There is kydex, another is raven concealment. I'm sure there are others also. Does anyone have any experience with these? I know good holsters are not cheap. For the $40 to $100 they range from, is it worth waiting 3-6 months for on back order for one.
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    shooting gong

    I don't have the tools to build one. I have been looking for something portable, can take 5.56 and .40, and is stationary. I don't want it knocking backward after after every shot because I will do rapid fire on it also. I have seen some websites with the sillwette gong, but it hasn't had a...
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    Vehicle carry

    I've been looking for a way to carry a hand gun in a vehicle holster. I've found some crazy ideas that people have come up with. I've heard nothing but problems out there with the ones that mount under the steering column, because its not a clean draw. You are always hitting you had on...
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    Romney and the NRA

    So Romney will be making his pitch to the NRA today. What do you think about that. I think sometimes Romney, like many politicians, think the second amendment only has to do with hunting and nothing else. They think because daddy had a rifle growing up and shot a deer that there credentials to...
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    Stand your ground

    Like Florida, what other states have stand your ground. I live in colorado, and I don't know the exact wording but here, if you can flee, you are required to, or at last make an attempt to, but all this is situational dictate.
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    Centennial gun store and range

    New shop south of denver. Awesome environment. Treat you well. Indoor pistol and rifle. State of the art ventilation. 5.11 dealer. 6649 s. Paris st. 303-662-9900. I'm not associated with them, just putting the word out.
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    Concealed carry at CU

    so there is an article in the denver post today that said the state supreme court lifted the gun ban at university of colorado campus. Anyone hear any more on this. So now I think all state funded university campuses and community colleges you can carry now
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    Re-certifying after 10 years.

    A friend of mine lives about 30 miles north of leadville, in lake county. He is up for renewing his ccw. The sheriff there told him he wouldn't renew his permit until he took a ccw class again, because the last time he took it was 10 years ago. I was confused. I have never heard of this in...
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    Assault weapons in denver

    I've heard that you can now have a 30 round mag for a AR style weapon system in the city and county of denver. Fort a long time this is what denver considered a assault rifle and banned. I haven't seen anything in writting that says this has changed. Is there someone that has a answer?
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    Coyote hunting in colorado

    You can hunt then with a small game license. There is no limit and the season is all year round. What I want to know is I've been told you can shoot them and leave them there. Is this true, what are there responsibilities after you shoot them in colorado?
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    Traveling to alaska

    If you are traveling to alaska by driving, can you travel with your firearm from the lower 48, or are you out of luck because you have to go through canada?
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    So I was at Dicks sporting good tonight, and I asked a employee about hornady critical defense, he told me a detective told him that it can be considered an over kill and the use of it could get you in trouble if you ever had to defend yourself under make my day. I asked him if 00buck is a...
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    Has anyone been there yet? Went there today, I guess it is cool, but if your not a high roller or part of the good ole boys club, it will be a quick visit there. Trying to talk with a sales rep there, and someone else comes in asking for Rich, and mid sentence the rep leaves me to cater to this...
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    Do you notify the front desk person at a hotel that you have a CCW Permit?

    That's why it is concealed carry, not announce to everyone you have a gun carry