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    Alien holsters for sig p227 sas gen2

    Just got my holster from Alien gear...i am a larger guy ...300 pounds and didn't think this being my first iwb for conceal carry would be comfortable. But it truly is! I carry it more on my right side towards the start of my back pocket. It's quite comfortable in that area and adjustable like...
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    Sig p227 sas gen2

    Just picked up a new sig p227 sas last weekend and it's awesome. Shots like a dream. Going to definitely become my main carry gun. Anyone have one that could recommend a good defense load?? Sent from my SM-G900V using USA Carry mobile app
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    License Waiting time?

    Anyone know what the average length is from the day you apply at sheriff office to actually receiving your cc license in OHIO???? My record is squeaky clean...a window tint ticket is all I've had! Is it 2 weeks? 4 weeks?....10 weeks?
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    Kimber master carry pro

    Anyone own and carry a kimber master carry pro? I am interested in purchasing one soon and need some feed back. Sent from my SM-G900V using USA Carry mobile app