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    US averaging one mass shooting per day?

    Got some Anti 2A folks talking about this on the faceplace. I see plenty of headlines from liberal media outlets spouting this same stat using the same numbers. Where is this coming from? How are they manipulating the data to help their agenda? How do I tell them that they are full of it and...
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    Missouri to Nebraska move

    After moving back to Nebraska from Missouri I was wondering if I need to take a Nebraska class to get my Nebraska CCW since both states have reciprocity with each other? My Missouri class was less than 2 years ago.
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    Suggestions please on carrying in non belted pants or shorts

    Sticky Holsters. Affordable and they work. I use one exclusively with my Ruger SR9, whether I am wearing jeans, sweats or shorts. Link Removed
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    Ruger SR1911c... anyone heard?

    Was wondering if anyone has heard if Ruger will be releasing a SR1911c anytime soon? I am pretty sure it will happen eventually, but would like to know if the rumor has been started yet.
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    Moving to Columbus, NE - Local ranges?

    I have looked at the list of Nebraska shooting ranges, but am not familiar with the Columbus area, making it hard to determine which ranges might be nearby. My wife and I shoot fairly often down here in Missouri, but our range is a free public access range. Any info I can get about the same...
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    Just got a Sticky Holster

    I just received a new Sticky Holster for my Ruger SR9 in the mail today. Of course I only have a few hours of use so far, but if these first few hours are any indication of performance I will be ordering more for my other pistols. Forgot to add the site link:
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    Why get a non resident permit?

    I have seen mentioned that some get a non-resident CCW permits for multiple states. I guess I am not in the loop with these as I have never heard of them until I joined here. What I don't understand is why? I am a Missouri permit holder. The permit I hold is honored by just about every state...
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    Granny get yer gun

    Last nights news: Link Removed
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    List Of Missouri Gun Stores

    Location 9876 Co. Rd. 8890 West Plains, MO 65775 (South of West plains on HWY 63.) Hours Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Sat: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Phone 417-256-5716 Website Link Removed
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    .357 advice/ideas wanted

    I am looking for a light(er) weight .357 for a carry weapon. All of the guns I have seen have the shorter 2-2 1/2 finger grip. Is there a full grip revolver with the shorter barrel and lighter weight? I am on a budget, but am willing to "budge it" a little if I find the right one. (And can...
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    List Of Missouri Gun Ranges

    This range is located off of HWY 17 west of West Plains, about 14 miles. The range is probably the nicest free public shooting range I have ever been to. My wife and I go there a couple of times a month, though rarely on weekends. Info for White Ranch can be had by calling the MDC @ 417-256-7161.
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    Rugers new SR1911

    I am a fan of Ruger pistols and particularly like the SR series. When I got the email last week from Ruger touting the upcoming release of the new SR1911 I was excited about it. The release date said "May 2011." Has anybody seen one yet? I am on the waiting list (#3 if I remember right) at my...
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    Another gun belt option

    I am a plus size, full figured fella and have been searching the net for an affordable, quality belt. I saw some decent belts, but when you add the extra for my size needs they were getting pricey. So I had an idea..... I am having a belt custom made for me by a local saddle & tack shop. I...
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    Encounter with Nebraska LEO

    I hold a Missouri CCW. My wife and I were driving home on Hwy 2 from our sons home in Seward, NE. I missed the speed limit sign that was posted for the change from 65 MPH to 55 MPH. I Nebraska State Patrolman was heading west and clocked me with his radar. After pulling over I told my wife...
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    Best belt?

    I checked the website out. The sizes listed do not cover my full figure needs so I sent an email yesterday asking if they could upsize one for me. I expected to see an answer some time this week, but was shocked to find an answer this morning. We are passing emails trying to figure out exactly...