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  1. Boomboy007

    looking for a gun with stopping power but little or no kick

    You should really consider the 5.7x28mm round, if you can drop the funds to buy and feed such a creature. Check this review from 6 years ago: Link Removed Since then the ammo price HAS dropped by a good bit. I am really considering this for my girlfriend, who is very recoil averse. She tried...
  2. Boomboy007

    Finally making my move to Washington!

    "Almost Free" is still MUCH better than here in Connecticut! Yes, as you know, I have been an unabashedly proud member of your Constitutionalist troll band for some time now. It still astounds me at how easily some will voluntarily concede their natural rights simply in order to "get along"...
  3. Boomboy007

    Finally making my move to Washington!

    Well, in order to more easily attend the monthly "NavyLCDR's Troll" meetings, I am finally moving to Washington state. I will be in the Ferndale area, if anybody is local. I plan on joining the Custer Sportsman's club, as I will only be living a mile or so away. Anybody else in the Whatcom...
  4. Boomboy007

    Contemplating a move to the Bellingham area....

    Hello, Washington Staters! I currently live in Connecticut, and am contemplating a move to the north-west Washington state area (Bellingham/Ferndale/Blaine). My girlfriend lives in Vancouver, and I would really like to move closer to her. I am wondering what I need to do before moving as...
  5. Boomboy007

    I don't get it

    Nicely posited, Bohemian! :yes2: I was an officer for three years. In the state where I worked, open carry was legal. I saw people open carry all the time, and to be truthful, it did not bother me at all. However, I did have colleagues who resented the fact that "civilians" (they mistakenly...
  6. Boomboy007

    Ordered to ground at gunpoint for open carrying by cleveland heights ohio police

    Sorry, I will exercise my rights as they are written. Many keep stating that they will not open carry for a myriad of reasons; that is their right. However, their very next statements tend to be reasons why everyone else should voluntarily abdicate their rights, again for a myriad of reasons...
  7. Boomboy007

    Pink Pistols, how do I get started

    We've got a member here! One of our USACarry fella's is the coordinator for the Michigan chapter of the Pink Pistols, as well as being a Bronze site supporter. He is our very own Big Gay Al! Link Removed
  8. Boomboy007

    Whats a good pepper spray?

    I highly recommend the Kimber Pepper Blaster! Not only does Kimber make a mighty fine shootin' iron, but they also have an ingenious little contraption called the Pepper Blaster. Basically, it is a small handheld unit that has two charges of extremely potent OC spray. The cool thing about the...
  9. Boomboy007

    Im Shopping for a new TV. I need help.

    I think that you have diagnosed your problem right there, Kev. Well, those days are gone, especially as concerns electronics. For $700 bucks, you could get a decent Panasonic 50 plasma in 720p that would probably suit you for a while: Link Removed A better deal, though slightly smaller...
  10. Boomboy007

    Moved to CT

    I'm with you, Ricardo! I get what you are saying, and I totally support you. The big issue, for me, is that if I am illegally arrested for open carry here in New Haven, and I have a few friends on the force who say that there are definitely some officers who will do so if given the...
  11. Boomboy007

    printing question

    Printing + Texas = TROUBLE! Hey, AJ! To answer your last question first; "'does the 'print factor' really matter??????", the answer is: It depends. Unfortunately for you, Texas makes no provision for the open carrying of firearms. In fact, in Texas " 'Concealed' means that the weapon cannot be...
  12. Boomboy007

    Guns Save Lives.... Again

    Thanks, Greg! Another arrow for my pro-2A quiver!
  13. Boomboy007

    springfield gi micro compact?

    Another option, and also on my list. Springfields 9mm Enhanced Micro Pistol: Link Removed :man_in_love: Read more here: Micro size, macro punch: Springfield Armory's 9mm EMP is a handy scaled-down 1911 | Guns Magazine | Find Articles at BNET
  14. Boomboy007

    Tactical Shotguns- Remington vs. Mossberg

    Check out the Mossberg 590-A1 If you want a proven tactical defense shotgun, my recomendation would be to find a Mossberg 590-A1 with the 20 inch barrel. While the 18 inch barrel is more common, the extra two inches on the barrel results in an 8+1 round capacity with standard (2 3/4) shells...
  15. Boomboy007

    Conceal Carry Law

    OC is okay in WI? Well, since your state is definitely infringing on your right to conceal your firearm, I say you open carry something like this: Link Removed Of course, I think we could beef up the mount a little, considering you have a power chair. What do you think about adding this...
  16. Boomboy007

    What is your favorite J-Frame?

    This is my mostly carry gun.... I love my S&W M&P 340CT revolver. It is small, light, and dependable. I am able to pocket carry it very easily, but it still feels just fine in a holster. I practice with mostly lower recoil .38's. In the summer, when clothing is lighter, I carry personal defense...
  17. Boomboy007

    Looking for the best CCW class.

    Well, I finally found my class...... I took two classes with Jim Hutchison. I took both the NRA class for CT, as well as the Utah class. He was very personable and knowledgeable. His website is: Link Removed I have also heard good things about Joel Demers. His website is:
  18. Boomboy007

    They tried to rob me!

    Well, it happened on Friday afternoon. I was walking the dog in Edgewood Park here in New Haven. It was about 4:00 in the afternoon, and I was passing through the tunnel that runs under Edgewood Avenue. I was close to the north end of the tunnel, which is only about 12-15 meters, and spans a...
  19. Boomboy007

    When Seconds Count...

    Whoops, found it myself..... ..... and I am not pleased. Link Removed :fie:
  20. Boomboy007

    Best shotshell? VOTE NOW!

    I LOVE this shell! Yes, you will pay a premium, but this shell is fantastic. My vote for the best defense round, hands down. Link Removed