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    Glock 30 and 30 SF

    Anyone have comparsion pics of the two so I can see the difference. I stopped at my local gunshop today and all he had was a mdl 30.I have small hands but the 30 felt pretty nice.
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    45 caliber pistols

    I'm thinking of selling my Springfield Armory 1911 basic and getting a ??????? What are the opinions of a Glock SF model 30,Glock 36,Springfield XD,S&W M&P???
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    Crossdraw holster

    I'd like to get a good belt crossdraw holster to use when I go hunting in the fall,either for my S&W Mdl 10-5 2" or my 640-1. The handguns aren't my primary weapon so I'd like one that fits high on my left side. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Hello from NY

    Hello everyone,I just joined,I live in UpState NY and just found out about this forum from the S&W forum so I thought I would join.:biggrin: