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    LEO Issue!

    Many years ago, back before licenses were even being handed out, 1975 it actually was, I was stopped in Ennis, Texas by a Texas DPS Trooper. I was a truckdriver and ran from Dallas to Houston and back six times a week. I had previously gotten a speeding ticket in Ennis and gave it to my...
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    Crimes from CCW holders vs non CCW Holders!

    Does anyone know of a chart or graph that shows a comparision to crimes by CCW license holders vs non license holders? I got into a debate on a news web page and of course everyone wants guns gone, but in trying to explain to them you don't punish the good child for what the bad one has done I...
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    Gun Lockers in Businesses

    If the state allows you to carry concealed and a private business puts up a sign saying "no weapons allowed", shouldn't that business be made to put up secure gun lockers just inside their door so those of us who are carrying in accordance to the law will have some place to store our guns while...
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    Brandishing Legality?

    I'm a bit confused about a point and figured you guys could help me out. I always felt to brandish a weapon you had to remove it from the holster and be waving it around almost like you're threatening someone. I saw a post somewhere, I'm not sure where just now, and someone stated...
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    Secure or Not???

    I posted this at the bottom of something else I posted somewhere else in the forums, but since it concerns Washington I figured I'd post it here too. Let me know what you guys think.. Last night the lady I've lived with for 13 years had to go to the hospital ER with a bad eye infection, I...
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    Spokane Valley

    Greetings... Spokane Valley here .. it says no one has posted here before.. wow .. guess I'll take the first leap. I saw something somewhere the other day about carrying concealed in Wal-Mart because they sell beer .. I guess I'd not noticed the beer because I don't drink .. Anyone know the...