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    Concealed Carry with Ankylosing Spondylitis

    I have had Ankylosing Spondylitis for many years but it has never presented any major problems with my concealed carry. First a short explanation, Ankylosing Spondylitis or A.S. is severe pain in the lower back brought on by fusing of the vertebrae. Until recently I was able to carry IWB all day...
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    Illinois Senator

    Trotter now shoots off his mouth Now Sen. Trotter is calling some of his white colleagues "crackers" during a speech. He tried claiming "it's not a derogatory word". The video is at Link Removed
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    Moving to the Nashville area. Could use your help!

    My wife and I will be moving, hopefully in a couple months. Any suggestions what area in or around Nashville would be good to move to?:confused:
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    White House Petion for Illinois Conceaaled Carry

    The site has a petition asking for concealed carry in the state of IL. it can be found at sign the petition, it needs another 23,393...
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    I Love John Kass

    Read his column about Illinois being last:mad: in citizen's rights. Link Removed He is the only reason I read the Trib, he's got the whole political picture here down pat. He is the only writer that gets the facts right while giving me a chuckle.:sarcastic:
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    Be serious if you carry

    Is she really ready? If your fiancee is not yet emotionally ready to accept the fact that she may have to take another persons life then she she is not ready to carry at this time. Suppose she did shoot to wound and hit their femoral artery, the BG bleeds out and dies. What does this do...
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    Emanuel wins with 55% of the vote

    Are Chicago voters really that stupid? Or is it the graveyard vote that allows them to keep on picking such terrible mayors? Glad I don't live in the city but whoever is mayor of that town affects the rest of the state.