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    Be careful folks. Sad website......

    Today's Accidental Shootings
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    Sign the petition !! Ask NC sheriffs to defend the 2A.

    We are just getting this rolling!
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    NC took my money 2/22/13 for my CCW, Va on the 11th. Let's see who is first.

    NC took my money 2/22/13 for my CHP, Va on the 11th. Let's see who is first. I submitted all my info to VA first. Then I took my test for NC. The local Sheriff said it was taking 45-60 days to get a permit. VA state PD said 45-90days for them. So we'll see who is first. Fl submission comes next...
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    How many have more than one state CCW, and how many do you have?

    With the current state of things, I'm going to make a hobby of getting as many state licenses as I can. After I take the firearm training class and get my resident permit.
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    Borrowing a gun?

    Saturday my wife, son , and I are going to a firearm training class. I have two pistols of my own. Can I legally borrow a gun from my brother-in-law? Should I just rent a gun at the range? Clay
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    Barber Motorsports Museum and vintage Motorcycle rally

    Just started researching riding my bike from NC. NC CCW in hand, I know I can ride through the state, but does anyone know whether I can legally carry according to the state during the event, and in the Museum? I will follow up with the museum curator once I understand the rules a little...