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    Ridiculous Question

    I got in an argument at work with a guy today: We were discussing what would happen if you shot a Lit Road Flare with a shotgun (Target Load). Would it ignite and make a burst of red flame or would it do nothing at all. Thoughts? Ammunition for my argument?
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    Deadliest Warrior

    Since I've graduated from college and am enjoying this wonderful unemployment. I was watching a marathon of this show, Deadliest Warrior. In which they paired up United States Special Forces vs. Soviet Spetsnaz: Green Beret vs. Spetsnaz If you are bored and need to get angry, I highly...
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    Question on Shotguns

    I'm looking into getting a 12ga for home defense. Don't get me wrong, I love my 1911 for carry, but I need something with a little more pop. I have a question that I'm very embarrassed to ask. How in the heck does a Breaching Barrel work? I just don't understand how the jagged edge at the...