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  1. Dewhitewolf

    NJ Gun Rights/Info Podcast

    There's a new podcast in NJ that discusses gun issues here, including discussions of current rights and laws. It is currently the only such podcast that originate from and focuses on New Jersey. The hosts answer email questions and tell you about the current lawsuits going on that are...
  2. Dewhitewolf

    Mall Hosting Law Enforcement Expo

    The Rockaway Townsquare Mall will be hosting a Law Enforcement Expo on May 3rd and 4th. Link Removed In past years they have had K-9 and equipment demonstrations as well as weapons displays.
  3. Dewhitewolf

    Open Carry?

    Can someone here clear up some confusion? Is it legal to open carry in FL or not? I don't think it is; I was under the impression that only concealed carry was allowed unless you were hunting or a uniformed security guard. A friend of mine is telling me that open carry is allowed without a...
  4. Dewhitewolf

    For all you NJ/NYC folks!

    The New Jersey Firearms Academy, located in Jersey City, NJ, is a great place to take training courses in firearms, martial arts, and private security, police academy prep, and additional courses such as first aid and canine obedience. I took three courses there and found them all to be a great...