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    AK-47 or Nail Gun?

    This is an interesting article I read the other day: Link Removed "DENVER - Authorities surrounded a Home Depot store in the Denver area on Tuesday after witnesses claimed to have seen a "man with an AK-47" assault rifle there. Witnesses told police that a man carrying the weapon and a...
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    How about this for a business sign?

    I doubt any business would ever post something like this, but I thought a sign like this would be funny to see: "We appreciate our customers! Because we allow our customers to legally and safely carry a concealed firearm, you are far more likely to be a victim of a violent crime while shopping...
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    I Need Your Input

    I have a question and wanted your input... I normally carry a .38 special in a IWB holster at about 4 o'clock. I bought a holster a few weeks ago for my 9mm auto. I wanted to try carrying it for a while because I have considered switching from my .38 to a semi-automatic. I was practicing...
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    CCW in Puerto Rico?

    I am planning to visit Puerto Rico in the spring. Does anyone know any information about CCW there? Thanks.
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    Funny but true burglary article

    I read this article today about a burglar that was held at gunpoint by the homeowners while the burglar was forced to clean up any mess that he made while robbing the house. I thought you might be interested...
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    Tell our friends

    I know there are a ton of Utahns that carry. It seems like many of the people I know carry. We will have to start telling our friends about this site. There is a lot of good information for anyone that wants to learn more or that is just getting into concealed carry.
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    Gun Appraisal

    Is anyone aware of a website in which you can look up a value of guns? I'm looking for something similar to Kelley Blue Book for cars in which I could look up a gun make and model and see an estimated price or value.
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    Shooting Range

    Does anyone know anything about opening up a shooting range? I live in an area full of gun owners, and many of them carry concealed. The city is growing very rapidly and I have always thought it would be nice to have an indoor shooting range. I can only assume that you would need a very...