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    Lowes Home Improvement Stores and their anti gun policies

    Was happening around the Denver area a few months back. No, it does NOT violate the McDonald ruling (I thought it did, too, until I read it again). Here's the situation: Armed robbers were robbing Home Depot stores and shot (single person or multiple??). DPD posted guards at several stores. Now...
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    Help me Decide

    Get something for which you can get parts. I like Glocks and 1911s, because I can get parts by the 1,000s. Also, Springfield XD/XDM .45 fits my hand better that another .45 I tried. Someone said 'try before you buy'...absolutely...try as many as you can get your hands on BEFORE you lay out that...
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    Birds and Jeeps

    Taser for birds: #1 SHOCK SYSTEM AVAILABLE! - Fly Bye Link Removed Look for bird control for boats- sea gulls are a problem. Bird Deterrents for Boats & Marinas - Bird Control Update | Bird-B-Gone, Inc Gullsweep, the finest bird deterrent for boats Bird deterrents for Boats, Marinas and Docks I...
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    Kahr Arms

    Kahr jams In the manual, it specifically states that there is a break-in period. This is partly because the spring is very tight when the gun is new. I had the same problem and was unhappy until a guy at the range told me about that and to go re-read the manual carefully (his tone of voice...
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    Open Carry Opinions

    Let me ask you this, if you wanted to rob a place, would you choose a store you saw someone carrying a firearm in? Would you choose a store that had a police officer inside it? Very good point. "So exactly what is your job?" Law enforcement- here in CO, it's a position not many people know...
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    Cheap holster = gun in toilet .....

    I could say that I crapped my shorts laughing, but such a bad pun.....just plain dorky.
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    Female carry issue

    Here are some thoughts... JUMBO VERSIPACK Concealed Carry Sling Bag - MAXPEDITION HARD-USE GEAR Tactical Nylon Gear for Military, Law Enforcement, Tactical Concealed Carry; Tailored to Perform Tactical Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack - Concealed Carry Sling Bag - Black [MAX0403B] - $55.95 ...
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    Self-Sealing targets

    Does anyone have any experience with "Newbold", "Impact Seal", "Duraseal", RTS Reactive Target Systems, (or other) self-sealing targets? Do they work? Do they actually last (2,000 rounds, 10,000 rounds, etc) as promised? Are they worth the money? Thanks in advance for your input...
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    Your comments on horizontal shoulder holster

    Hawai'ian is a good way to go... I have some of the "loud" prints I got in Hawai'i (go figure- who knew?), but I got some really good ones at Wal-Mart last summer. They are steel blues, pewter grays, light green, etc with very subtle palm trees that are just barely a different shade. Also...
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    Still not comfortable

    Kholster: +1 that! Also, they are on sale right now (as of 9-9-2011)! Don't waste time. He offers a warranty and easy to work with.
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    DIY Home made IWB holsters, kydex/leather hybrid

    For those of us that are not clever at all: Products or 2nd choice Link Removed But you have the right idea and you obviously ARE a clever type...LOL
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    New thread still lost - Need a safe

    Anyone know anything about BedBunker? BedBunker Concealed Gun Safe or Honeywell? Honeywell 3090 Steel Under-Bed Security Safe | Or War Dog? Link Removed or Rhinosafe Link Removed
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    "Camera case" holster? Are you talking about that "Bulldog" holster? Pretty cool idea.... Link Removed I have this and love it... Link Removed Google Images The wallet is a little hard on your butt cheeks after a long day...good concept, though. The Crossbreed/Kholster is better, though...
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    which National news reporter took shooting classes?

    I remember a few years ago that a national news reporter took shooting lessons and reported her findings on national TV. She wanted to know what it was like to take shooting classes, procedures for purchasing a gun, etc. I thought the reporter was Diane Sawyer or Katie Couric, but can't find...
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    Concealed Carry IWB Holster

    Cheap IWB holsters Someone recently asked me why I don't like the cheap nylon, cheap leather/suede holsters. This is why: When you remove your gun from the holster, the nylon/suede will collapse with nothing to keep it 'open'. This is especially true with IWB carry. The pressure of your...
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    Incident while carrying concealed with a fanny pack.

    Cops get ambushed all the time. Most of the time it's not reported- there are legit reasons for that. My Sgt was bounced a month ago. First Sgt also bounced recently. One had a brick, one had a blade. One dumped something into a sewer inlet, but we don't know what. Fourth one unarmed. Also, look...
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    Concealed carry at the post office

    National Parks National Parks tend to follow along State laws. Check these links for clarifications: A Quick Guide to Gun Regulations in the Intermountain Region ... Link Removed National Park Service Press Releases Hope that helps. I'm also looking for the specific text of the laws that apply.
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    Kholster crescent Concealed Carry Tuckable holster

    Lavon Good. Maybe look at Blackhawk Tactical leather holster that snaps on/off. Link Removed The one for the Springfield XD also fits most the Taurus Millenium models. I'd stay away from the Ace Case or any holster that collapses when the gun is not in it. That means most ballistic nylon and...