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    New Member Welcome Thread 4

    NJ a demonRat shithole - BUT we won CWP and made the d-rats piss themselves crybabying about our win over their tyranny.
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    First EDC Options considering

    I like my older S&W Shield single stack. Simple relatively cheap and now you can get one in different flavors: Double stack - custom center - EZ I don't carry expensive firearms - God forbid something happens, Your EDC WILL be taken away. Might be more than a while till you get it back.
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    The power of glue

    I have used super glue for cuts. Stings like hell
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    New Member Welcome Thread 4

    Welcome from commietown.
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    USA invasion

    Title 42 ends. The diaper man lets it happen along with it's fellow traitor rats. Got rats ? Get d-CON or Ma Duce.
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    The Open Carry Argument

    Role reversed. 3 perps attack, 1 with a gun. A smart good guy is going to shoot the perp with the gun first. Not his unarmed cohort. I would. Anything otherwise would be stupid no? BTW - I support your right to open carry. I just don't feel it's right for me.
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    The Open Carry Argument

    1988. I'm FD - called to an Emotionally Disturbed Person Call with PD. The EDP starts shooting out an upstairs window. We ducked behind 25 tons of Truck To this day I still bust my cop friends balls that he shot at the cops and their cars but not us and our truck. Maybe because the cops...
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    What's Your Favorite Open Carry Gun?

    Don't believe in open carry. I believe one showing a weapon will be the first taken out. I believe the element of surprise is more important than a gun show. IMO Only when out in the woods does the family open carry because a bear or a gator is never out gun shopping with a Louisville slugger...
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    Interesting Study...

    Good post! Why are they lying? Because their obozo puppet "dear leader" is a 50 year serial LIAR besides being a proven traitor coward thief and china bribed rat. Plus the commie rat media and big tech lie and shill for the traitor rat RICO gang. Potato head and his rats lie- media co-signs...
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    New Member Welcome Thread 4

    Welcome from democrat destroyed NJ. Escape plan? We're hopefully gone soon.
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    New Member Welcome Thread 4

    FNG From a long line of law abiding firearm owners. Thanks for allowing me in