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    Lost Handgun Registration Paperwork

    Approximately 20 years ago (perhaps longer), I legally purchased a handgun from a gun shop near Annapolis solely for home defense . I went thru the usual processes etc. but now I'm unable to find any paper work. I know what is said about "leaving sleeping dogs rest" but I'm contemplating...
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    Firear Transport Between MD and PA

    As a Maryland state resident, can I legally transport my registered pistol (in a locked portable gun safe without ammunition) in my vehicle from my permanent Maryland residence to my vacation cabin in Pennsylvania. I acknowledge that I do not have a concealed carry license but purchased and...
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    Handgun Automobile Transport

    As a Maryland resident with a "registered" handgun, can I transport that gun in my vehicle in a locked gunsafe (minus ammunition) to my secondary temporary residence in Pennsylvania? I am very new to this forum an apologize if this thread is in the improper forum area. I would appreciate any...
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    Shotgun Vehicular Transport from Maryland to Pannsylvania?

    Is it legal to transport a in-loaded shot gun from MD to Pennsylvania? I'd appreciate any feedback.