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    Sig Pro2340

    A friend of mine is trying to buy a Sig Pro 2340. It has four mags, two boxs of 40's a case and mag extensions. The guy is asking 450.00 for it. I know nothing about this gun. Somebody please tell me about this Sig and what it is worth.
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    Traveling through Illinois with a firearm

    I recently drove through Illinois on my way to Sturgis south dakota. I had my kimber in the tour pack in its carry case with clip out and locked. The carrying case was locked also. Ammo was in one of my travel bags. I was told by a harley service manager that he thought it was still illegal...
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    Does anybody out there own a Wilson Combat

    Somebody, please tell me why a wilson combat 1911 is priced around $2000 more than a Kimber super carry. Is it that much better? For those that own them, let me know if they are worth the difference.