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    home owners property boarders a school question

    my step daughters house/property boarders a school. does this mean i can't carry when i go to her house as i am within 1000' of a school, even though i am on private property and in her house.
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    PA, conceled carry & alcohol

    i will be attending an outdoor event this coming July in Bloomsburg PA. i have a non-resident permit from Utah, which the state of PA honors. at this event will be a tent dedicated to alcohol, AKA a beer tent. i have attended several of these events in the past and the beer tent is always either...
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    Westchester Co. permit restrictions

    i live in northern Westchester Co. and recently applied for my pistol permit. since applying for my NY permit i have applied and received an unrestricted permit from Utah. i have also applied for permits from ME, NH, FL, CT & AZ. it is my understanding that in West. Co. you will not be issued an...
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    holster options for Ruger LCP

    looking for different options for concealed carry of the Ruger LCP. not sure i like IWB but am open to looking at anything in the hopes i find something i like.
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    Ruger LCP VS Walther PK380

    has anyone owned or shot a Ruger LCP and a Walther PK380 and if so can you compare one gun to the other for me. i am interested in accuracy, recoil and your general overall opinion of these two guns.