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    Hand to Hand Combat While Concealed Carry

    Hello, I carry IWB with a holster that has pretty good retention. However, one of my concerns is that if I was every in an alteration that required hand to hand fighting that my gun would come out of the holster and potentially be used against me. I want my hand gun to be very secure so that...
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    5N1 EDC tactical knife from Fight Fast

    Just checking to see if anyone received the email offer for the 5N1 EDC tactical knife from and if anyone purchased the knife. They are giving it away free but you have to pay $9.95 for shipping. The knife seems pretty decent. I'm just not sure about it or the company. Anyone?
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    Carrying On The Job in a Mental Health Hospital (Psych Ward)

    I am a counselor and work with patients in the psych ward at a hospital. To my knowledge there are no signs anywhere stating not to carry and there is nothing in my employee manual about carrying a firearm. So for the purpose of this discussion, let's assume there is nothing illegal about...