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    Guess he didn't see this coming...

    City plans to bill pastor for security around planned Quran burning - Town sending $180k bill for security actions and planning to the pastor that made it necessary with his plans..
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    New School Prayor

    They didn't all do it in a manner to bring attention to themselves (third one definitely wasn't drawing attention praying with a teacher only in an office). The fact that some schools and administrations have screwed up on understanding what the SCOTUS ruled as un-Constitutional does not mean...
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    New School Prayor

    Which version of Christianity is like asking which version of Islam we are dealing with. There are 3 types of religious people I have observed regardless of the religion in question: 1. Those who ignore what they don't like in their texts and claim the religion is just and tolerant . 2. Those...
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    Georgia Open and Concealed Carry Laws and Information

    The information on Georgia State Firearms laws is now out of date since the passage of SB308 and it's signing this summer. A summary of the current laws can be found at Link Removed