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  1. Hallow

    Fl & Tn

    From what I see on the Permit Map, TN honors the FL permit. I've also read that TN is an open carry state. My wife, her family and I are planning on going to Gatlinburg again this year and I was curious if I'd be allowed to open carry in TN with my FL permit? Thanks for any information! :)
  2. Hallow

    CWL - Waiting game

    Thanks all for the warm wishes. So far, I've picked up a Fobus Evolution E2 paddle holster (Link Removed) for carry. Took my M&P9 out to the supermarket and the gas station. Felt a little paranoid as I guess everyone gets the feeling that everyone in the store "knows" or can "see something"...
  3. Hallow

    Zombie Attack Warning--has this guy been reading our posts?

    This book tells you everything you need to know during a Zombie attack. :) Link Removed If you haven't read the book or even just looked at it at your local bookstore, I suggest you take a minute or two to at least thumb through it. It reads like a REAL survival guide which makes it that much...
  4. Hallow

    CWL - Waiting game

    I'm sending out my CWL paperwork and payment today (April 3, 2008). Never thought this day would get here. :) Now it's time to wait by the mailbox. Has anyone submitted it recently? If so, how fast did you get it back? Our instructor told us that the turnaround time being faster if you got...
  5. Hallow

    Florida Shooters?

    Where are you guys located? It'd be nice to try to organize shoots, meets, hangouts, etc. << Lake Worth