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  1. Huklberyhound

    Two negitive stories about guns in the news

    I read those today, it's so disappointing. Well here's one to make you feel a little better. Link Removed
  2. Huklberyhound

    Car search because of CCW...

    I have a question on LEO's reasonable search of your car because you have a ccw but don't have your gun on you. My wife just took her CCW class Friday and one thing the guy told about was that by the time your tag is run and you pull over a "C " is by your name meaning you have a CCW. He told...
  3. Huklberyhound

    More ammo for the anti's

    Do you think he had an agenda? He had to know what would happen. I guess he didn't want his cowardly life to go totally to waste, at least he didn't take anyone with him. :mad: Link Removed