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    I urge every supporter of the second amendment to vote on Nov. 2. Pennsylvania can be on the verge of electing yet another O'Bama lapdog for an open U.S. Senate Seat. Joe Sestak is no friend of the second amendment and obviously not a friend of firearm owners. Sestak is on record of favoring...
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    Hollow Point Question

    I really do appreciate the communication on this matter and my intent is not to argue or debate. That being said, the above posts are relative to N.J. laws regarding the retired officers from New Jersey having an easier time to get a New Jersey Permit to Carry. Your above post is very...
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    GI Rifle Grease

    Came upon an unused can of GI surplus rifle grease in very good condition in that the grease has not broken down in its consistancy if that is even possible. My questions are first, is the grease best used in the area of the action? Is there better material out in this day and age that using GI...