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  1. boatme98

    Do you notify the front desk person at a hotel that you have a CCW Permit?

    I'm constantly amazed that people want to tell the world they are CONCEALED carrying.
  2. boatme98

    A Great Recipie Web Site

    Try Recipes at Food Down Under Recipe Database One of the best recipie sites out there. Clean site, no pop-ups or b.s. Thousands of recipies for anything you can imagine. There are about 600 just for venison. I've been using this site for years. Enjoy
  3. boatme98

    Gun shops-ranges in Carthage area?

    What about it folks. Any recomendations on where to go when I get there?
  4. boatme98

    Another dumb question.

    Didn't think to put this in the last post. In Fla. you get a Weapons Permit. This allows you to carry almost anything concealed, pistol,bat,baton, pepper spray, auto kinives etc. Pretty much anything except explosives or ballistic knives. What about Tenn.? will I have to give up my auto knives...
  5. boatme98

    Thinking of moving to Tenn.

    I'm thinking of moving to the Carthage area this month from Fla. It seems that the state is pretty restrictive compared to Fla. No carry in parks, restaraunts, forests, etc. How about in vehicles? Can it be handy w/o a closed case? Does it have to be in a loced container/area? Can I wear it in a...
  6. boatme98

    Go directly to jail, do not pass go......

    O.J. finally got thrown in jail. 13 yrs. Can be out in six. 13 is NOT his lucky number. Last trial, 13 yrs. ago Recording in this trial, tapped Sept. 13, 2007 Jury deliberated 13 days
  7. boatme98

    Cool Sun. Night in Balawmer, hon. [Md.]

    Don't worry, anyone from from Maryland gets it. Went to a local tavern in Canton to watch some football. After a while a guy sits next to me, and we start talking. I know who he is right away, Mike Rowe, but nobody in the place has any idea. After about a half hour, someone yells out his name...
  8. boatme98

    Florida Firearms Law, Use, and Ownership

    This book, by Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq. is a MUST HAVE for anyone in the state of Florida who either has a ccw, or is thinking about getting one. The sixth edition [Never buy or use an older edition. The info is obviously to old to be usefull or even wrong, with the constantly changing laws.]...