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  1. cortchubby

    CCW application sent off.

    WI CCW law is premptive Sorry to hear that Milwaukee PD did that. Im reviewing past and current WI law as of this writing. This may help in the iterim: Link Removed Link Removed additional law: RV/Car Carry Without A Permit/License 167.31 (2) (a) Except as provided in sub. (4), no person...
  2. cortchubby

    State Police violating citizens rights???

    Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Since some out here balk at posting the entire law,here are the links to the ACTUAL LAW so as to end all the speculation. I spoke with ASP Troopers and Supervisors and weighing out all the points of this event, I (#1) believe there is more to this...
  3. cortchubby

    PA no longer taking applications by mail

    OF SPECIAL ATTENTION TO OUT OF STATE APPLICANTS FOR PA CCW: Effective 01 Mar 2011 the State of PA will no longer be accepting applications via mail for Non Resident CCW permits. I spoke to Denny Nau(Sheriff of Centre County) and was told this was so that they could implement a 'signature'...
  4. cortchubby

    Gun Owner Support for ANDY MARTIN

    Hello! Im asking for help to support ANDY MARTIN in his bid for Mayor of Chicago. Andy is PRO POLICE and PRO GUN. He is also PRO CCW for ILLINOIS. We NEED 25,000 Signatures to put this man on the ballot for Mayor of Chicago. Its time that someone who cares about GUN RIGHTS as opposed to...
  5. cortchubby

    News from az!

    YOURE GONNA LOVE THIS ONE! The state of AZ(we love JOE ARPAIO!!!) stated to me on the phone about 10 minutes ago that you DO NOT NEED AN AZ CCW to carry concealed in AZ as of July 2010 this can be verified by calling the AZ gun unit at 1 602 256 6280. PLEASE UPDATE THE SITE AND MAP...