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  1. Felix

    Lock Box for Car?

    +1...that's what I use in my vehicles. More expensive than most but also made of heavier gauge metal. Won't stop a determined thief but they'll have to work at it which will thwart most smash & grab ops.
  2. Felix

    Who buy once fired brass (mostly 9mm), but some 223 / 556, 38 / 357

    Link Removed out of Dayton, OH. Drop Dr. Bill Riehl a query through his website link. You'll get a quick response, it goes right to his iPhone.
  3. Felix

    How much of an accuracy difference can primers make?

    If you haven't run across Dr. Bill Riehl's new website yet, I predict it's going to eventually turn into a great resource for serious reloaders. Right now the site is oriented primarily toward 1911-style pistols but posts like the following show it has potential for furthering the education of a...
  4. Felix

    Best Defense Ammo for .40 S&W

    Since a member just sent me a PM asking which Federal HST loading I use, I'll also put it in this thread. SIG P229 .40 S&W, winter-months carry when heavy outerwear is the norm, I prefer the extra penetrating power of the 180 grain loading; albeit lower ME. Summer, the 165 grain. Federal LE...
  5. Felix

    Best Defense Ammo for .40 S&W

    I carry a .40 S&W loaded with the highly-regarded Federal HST from Link Removed. The Federal LE Tactical Bonded is another good choice and some say an even better choice for shorter-barreled pistols. Both are widely used in police and federal government agency defensive and offensive applications.
  6. Felix

    What would you say to a restaurant with a "No Gun's" sign?

    Is there a high-resolution version of this gif file available? I'd like to remove the "Enjoy" part on the bottom and print up some on business cards to have available for passing out in places which have "no weapons" signs displayed but which I can't avoid entering. Link Removed
  7. Felix

    Which Compact gun have MANUAL safety??

    Has she considered the uber-reliable SIG P239? I carry the diminutive P238 as a backup but I'm not sure I'd want to depend on the .380ACP for my primary. With the P239, you'll get a lot more smack with a 9mm Luger chambering in a weapon which isn't that much larger than the .380. Granted, no...
  8. Felix

    Practice Ammunition Foe A 45 Caliber Hand Gun

    If you're not interested in reloading and want a reasonably-priced source of practice ammo, take a look at Link Removed. QUOTE Practice Ammunition. Practice is the key to success. That is true whether you are talking about shooting, engineering, military operations, or defense. Practice takes...
  9. Felix

    Fairfax Co. PD discuss how they respond to "Man with a gun" calls

    Nothing new in this 70 minute Link Removed for people who've spent some time on the forum and have read the applicable Virginia Code Sections; however, could be beneficial for people newly contemplating OC in VA or maybe for new CHP holders in VA.
  10. Felix

    Has anyone read the book "Unintended Consequences"?

    It's a must read, IMO. Check the reader reviews on Link Removed...400 wrote comments, nearly five star average.
  11. Felix

    If it's legal to open carry, and concealed carry with a permit...

    Then keep an eye on what happens with Link Removed trial. He was accused of brandishing his finger in one of the most bizarre charges I've ever seen in VA. I couldn't believe the arrest paperwork survived even a cursory review by the Commonwealth attorney, let alone was allowed to proceed to trial.
  12. Felix


  13. Felix

    Training for Virginia Permit

    I'm not happy that VA accepts online courses but maybe it makes sense for someone who's (in their own mind) an experienced handgun user. Anyway, rant off, since you asked, Link Removed one for $40. I'm not aware of anyone offering a certificate for free in our state. Others listed here. Oh...
  14. Felix

    Traveling state to state with a hand gun

    You can start by taking a look at the Link Removed trip planner. But then follow up on the link Mr.357Sig provided or the state laws info on this site. On the surface Pack-N-Go looks like a good resource, and I thought it was, until I plugged in Maryland once on a whim and saw how they glossed...
  15. Felix

    Urgent warning ammo recall

    @ vettefreak "i have never heard of this "tracer" powder..." Not surprising that the implementation of Link Removed tracing after 9/11 was suppressed. Like you, I also wasn't aware the technology had been put into practice for smokeless powder. Maybe that's one of the reasons why the price of...
  16. Felix

    Obtaining Maryland Concealed Carry Permit

    In case you weren't conscientious enough to drill down through the links on the sites I gave you previously, Link Removed the application and instructions courtesy of Handgun Laws.
  17. Felix

    Obtaining Maryland Concealed Carry Permit

    Probably good to start here. And Link Removed. Tough state to live in if you want to carry. I try to avoid driving over there. Same with the District.
  18. Felix

    Car accident: What to do to secure firearm?

    Too small for my needs and the company didn't make a larger one. Ended up going with a Console Vault (but a lot more expensive). :cray: Obviously a BG can get it out with a wrench or a crowbar but he'd have to work at it and it'd take a little while. And, as Chap noted, can also be taken into a...
  19. Felix

    NRA Annual Meeting Pittsburgh

    I was in Charlotte, 70,000 people rolled in (obviously not all were members), they spent $20 million in/around Charlotte, 400 exhibitors in 300,000 SF of hall space. I assume you've looked at this year's Link Removed to see the events scheduled, exhibitor list, etc. Worth going, especially if...