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  1. tlglenn

    Any Non-residents Obtain Permit in One County and Renew in Another County?

    It might be more convenient for me to renew my Nevada CFP in a different county this time around. I want to make sure that's not going to be an issue.
  2. tlglenn

    Need direction

    I did my last renewal with this instructor: Link Removed I believe he was worth the cost.
  3. tlglenn

    Non-Resident CPL Application for Texas Resident CHL Holder

    You can get a Utah permit ahead of time so that you can carry before receiving your Washington permit: Link Removed You can apply for a Washington permit in downtown Seattle at the King County Sheriff's Office: Concealed Pistol License
  4. tlglenn

    Pennsylvania Open and Concealed Carry Laws and Information

    I created this website 11 years ago to help non-residents looking for friendly counties to apply: Link Removed It's less of an issue now that PA recognizes certain other states. Also, I think most people just apply to Centre County.
  5. tlglenn

    General Update

    Fee Changes FYI, the fee dropped to $60 effective Oct. 1, 2007. Also, the fee for renewals will drop to $43 on Dec. 31, 2007. See Link Removed for details.
  6. tlglenn

    Clark County Date of Issue. Did I Get Shafted?

    I am a resident of Arizona. I applied for a Nevada CCW via Clark County on July 30th. I received my Nevada CCW in the mail today. It was postmarked two days ago. I figured the date of issue must've been after Oct 1st so it would be good for five years. But, after I opened the envelope I saw...