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  1. Palmach

    Ammo Prices

    I have been checking many of the online popular sellers of ammo for the last few days. As of today, places like JG Sales, aimsurplus, and ammoman have all either listed that there are delays in shipping, or have stopped taking orders until they can catch up. Ammoman had 7.62 x 39 Wolf Ammo on...
  2. Palmach

    Concealed Carry Withdrawl

    The wife and I head out on vacation every year this time for our Anniversary. Well, we will be out of the U.S. and thus unable to carry. This is the most difficult time for me, as I no longer trust my life and the life of my family members to others. Will have to leave my carry piece with my...
  3. Palmach

    Redistributed my wealth!

    FYI, I was cruising around Gunbroker and came across some .45 and 9mm bullets, and contacted the seller. I let him know that I would be out of the country and could not bid on his auction, but would be interested in purchasing from him at another time. He directed me to his site, where by the...
  4. Palmach

    Great Food Prep Resource

    We have begun to prioritize our HTF preparations, and with all we hear and see regarding the economic down turn our focus is food. I found this resource, which seems to be the manufacturer that many of the survival sites distribute for. This manufacturer lets you buy directly from their site...
  5. Palmach

    Hospital Carry

    I have not been on the forum for a few days. as my Mom had surgery this week. I had to drive down to South Florida to visit. When I went with her on Wed. morning for pre-op I noticed the very clear signs on the hospital doors stating "No Firearms" As a proponent of concealed is concealed I...
  6. Palmach

    Doggy Defense

    Reading another thread on break-ins and the need for homeowners to be armed got me thinking about a conversation I had with a shooting buddy recently. My first line of defense is my 85lb Shepherd mix. Bear is one of the most intelligent and loving animals we have ever had, however, this boy...
  7. Palmach

    McCain VP Pick

    While it is not official just yet, it appears that Sarah Palin the Gov. of Alaska will be the running mate of John McCain. This is a shock to many, but could be a great plus for our side. Palin is a lifetime NRA member, a hunter, fisherwoman, Pro Life, and staunch 2nd Amendment supporter. She...
  8. Palmach

    New M&P .45

    Couldn't help myself. Went to the gun show today and picked up an M&P .45. I have been carrying a PT145, but since shooting that M&P, I had to have one. I think the PT will now end up being a back up.
  9. Palmach

    Heller Gets Permit

    I was reading some news and learned that Dick Heller was issued a permit for his revolver by DC. It was a small victory, as Heller originally filed to register his semi-automatic which they denied. I know he filed another suit and it will be interesting to see how that one plays out.
  10. Palmach

    I'll Start

    I finally figured out how to post. I have 2 Romy Kits that I am currently working on. One for me, and one for the wife. Yes, she wanted her own. I will definitely post pics when they are done.
  11. Palmach

    Kite Surfer Feels Fay's Wrath

    This is why it is always wise to stay away from the beach when Tropical Storms or Hurricanes are approaching. Link Removed
  12. Palmach

    NFA Trust

    I am in the process of completing all the paperwork for an NFA Trust. I would be interested to hear from others about the process, and any tips they might have for streamlining.
  13. Palmach

    Defense loads and the law

    Again, all speculation and personal opinion of you and a legal expert. I could easily post the opinions of other legal experts who would dispute your conclusion and the conclusion of your expert, but what would be the point. The truth of the matter is that each case would have to dealt with...
  14. Palmach

    Defense loads and the law

    I didn't want to get back into this, but you seem to want to continue to use ridiculous argumentation to support your flawed argument. This is as silly as your OJ comment. Totally unrelated and irrelevant to concealed carry. It goes back to the point I made in an earlier post. If there is a...
  15. Palmach

    WASP knife

    Canis, This is the Excalibur by Piranha, and at about $380 is not a $20 throw away piece of junk. Link Removed The Piranha Excalibur Double Action Out The Front. New Double Action Out The Front Automatic Knife By AMC Piranha. High Quality And Custom Made In The USA! 6061-T Type 3...
  16. Palmach

    Received My Comp-Tac Combo

    I just received my Comp-Tac Combo light/mag carrier. I was already impressed with their product having carried with a C-Tac IWB. I am even more impressed with the quality of their products with this latest purchase. The combo is custom made to the light you carry and the mag you carry. You...
  17. Palmach

    Enthusiastic Wives

    I would try and find out what the requirements are in your state for the restoration of rights. Second, I would be specific in the type of attorney you seek. Find one that is familiar with gun laws, and is definitely a 2nd Amendment advocate. Many attorneys will consult with you without a fee...
  18. Palmach

    Enthusiastic Wives

    I thought it would be interesting to find out how many others have enthusiastic wives as it relates to Concealed Carry and firearms in general. I am amazed at the change in my wife over the last 11yrs of marriage. On our wedding night, before we did anything else, I had her sit on the floor and...
  19. Palmach

    Taking a Tactical Handgun Course

    Unfortunately, most ranges do not allow you to present from concealment or draw and fire. I am trying to make arrangement with a private range to gain access on a regular basis in order to train on a tactical level. BTW, I just found this new site that might be worth looking at for us in...