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    HELP! need someone articulate to respond

    Could not open the page!
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    Apparently a CC situation

    Chalk up still another one for the good guys! :D
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    Shooting at mall

    They were probably discussing cookie recipes. :D
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    Harvards Opinion On The 2A

    Best thinkers? Hardly. Most brain washed is more like it!
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    Gym shooting in Knoxville

    Another win for the good guys.
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    Good news in PA

    Good news indeed. I quick read the article and noted a couple of glaring items. The antis tossed in every left wing cliche they could thing of to insult gun owners. They demonstrated their own ignorance and unthinking knee jerk idiocy. They demonstrated their own arrogance and elitism.
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    Don't taze me, sonny?

    She was probably "hammered" at the time. :D
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    Castle Doctrine Success

    Good article. Thanks.
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    The Ten MANLIEST Firearms

    Well I'm not in to rifles so I barely score having only a 1911.. I also think he is an over macho The Springer XD has it all over the Glocks, and yes, I had a Glock. Dumped it for the XD. Also his comments on 9 mm sound like the typical Olde Pharte who hasn't learned anything new since...