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    Utah LTCF granted

    Hi all, earlyer today I spoke with BCI about my way over due permit. I spoke to a guy who said I was denied due to a harrasment charge. I explained to him that it wasn't even a misdamenor. It was a charge of the lowest form of harrasment. Harrassment reads as follows... "seriously...
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    Main spring on a revolver

    Can this spring be changed to drop double action trigger weight?
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    liability insurance

    As of now I'm covered for 500,000 bucks for homeowners insurance for personal protection in the event I take someones life in self defense with CCW. You think its enough? Each occurance is 500 thou...
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    Handgun and holster selection

    I know this is an old topic but here it is anyway.:man_in_love: I've been researching and pondering for about 3 months now, and bought a couple of review magazines. There's so may options it's driving me crazy.:hang3: Anyway, The last mag I bought cost me 10 bucks, dang. It narrowed it down to...
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    Pennsy open carry

    I heard that OC on foot is allowed, even for non-residence. It's not in the stautes... so how is this conclusion brought about? They inform you what you're NOT allowed to do, so that leaves anything else that you can do lawfully? :hang3: Cops don't know the law, the PAFOA THINKS they know the...
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    formal agreement states

    Hi all, I just mailed my Utah non-resident application today. It will take 45-50 days to hear back. My question is the states that are not in written or non-written agreement, is there any safeguard from a LEO that doesn't know the CCW laws?