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    kinda quiet here

    More WI activity on Open Carry site, Link Removed Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Travel to Ohio from MA

    DickL, look at this site too, it will help you. There are other good sites. Link Removed You should be OK getting to OH and doing what you want. OH does not recognize MA.
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    New Member Welcome Thread 2

    44WCF, hello, I am in MA. For good overview, see GOAL's website summaries to start for MA. Link Removed
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    Adjustable stock

    OldOwl, she likes the M&P 15-22 rifle. Here is the MA compliant page, Link Removed She has a friend that is a dealer and he said this is one to add to the collection. Easy to shoot, one note though. It is fussy about ammo brand and lists some in the manual not to use in it. And it is true...
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    How common is open carry really?

    Hello, I did not see much new information here. I may have a lead on a job in WI that would require relocation. I do not see much here on how much the average person open carries versus when there is a rally. I would like to get a sense of whether you are just driving around with locked hand...
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    High Cap magazines

    Sorry, I saw elsewhere it was described right. Class B license to carry allows ownership of non-large capacity handguns but you cannot carry. You can also own large capacity long guns. My error. GOAL, Gun Owners Action League is an organization to join for MA. Here is a good summary of...
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    Where do you guys shoot?

    Somerset Sportsman's Club, Swansea MA. Somerset Sportsman's Club Home $100/yr. $50 initiation, $25 legal fee 1st yr. 2 trap fields, one lighted. Ranges 25, 50, 100, 200 and 300 yard. Lot of land. Private hunting, brook and pond, bird stocking. Mansfield Fish & Game Protective...