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    Which would you prefer?

    I've ridden a Sportster, nothing wrong with them, but I'll stick with my Fatboy. Dynas are a better ride and for not much more. Most people end up trading up pretty soon after getting a Sportster, unless your set on one, take a look at a Dyna. you will lose on trade in. Link Removed
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    Remington 20 gauge sling cap

    I've been looking for one too. The one Whitlock put a link to is external ratchet and wont work on mine. But I did a search on Amazon and found this one that is internal ratchet which might be the one your looking for too. I'm ordering it, cross your fingers, I'll let you know if it works. Link...
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    Rugers on sale.

    Stopped by the LGS today and to my surprise almost all Rugers were on sale. Picked up an SR9C. Took it home, cleaned it and straight to the range. 200 rounds with no problems at all. Shoots great. I think I've found my new favorite gun.
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    Palmetto State Armory new location.

    I found them today on Fernandina Rd as I was headed to Piney Grove Rd. They are getting ready to open an 18 Lane shooting range there too. Thought I would pass it on.
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    Favorite gun shop in Cola/Lex area.

    I've been looking around and have found a few. Some I like some I don't. Just looking for different shop I may not have found yet.