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    New Stock for Persian Mauser

    I inherited a Persian Mauser, cal. 8mm, when Dad passed several years ago. It has a hunting stock on it now with the original (I think) open sights. I'd like to put more of combat style stock on it (don't like the original style stocks, either). Are there any manufacturers out there making...
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    School Safety Zones in Ohio

    I'm getting wrapped up in an argument on another forum about the part of ohio law that says, more or less, if you are dropping little Johnny off at school or picking him up, and you are not breaking any other laws, the prohibition on carrying in a school safety zone does not apply. Have I...
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    Front Sight Trip Report

    I'm sure this has been done already but I thought I'd share anyway. In March 2010, my friend John and I signed up for training at Front Sight. The deal was you get a 4 day Defensive Handgun Course, 1 day Concealed Carry Course, and a FREE handgun all for $1200.00 (I think the price recently...