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  1. tanker1983

    Bin Laden DEAD

    Enough said!!! :biggrin:
  2. tanker1983


    Can someone tell me when Kimber stopped making the Ultra Carry and began making the Ultra Cary II? I have a line on a MINT Ultra Carry with less than 300 rounds through her. I was just wondering how old this gun is. I am awaiting the serial number but did not even see a place to enquire on the...
  3. tanker1983

    Louisiana no longer recognizes FL non-resident permits

    But the statement concerns Louisiana resident that hold a non-resident permit from another state. Even if there is reciprocity with that state, after August 15, 2011 Louisiana will not honor out of state non-resident permits held by Louisiana RESIDENTS. Link Removed :pleasantry:
  4. tanker1983

    Slight encounter in Biloxi, MS

    The Mrs. and I went to see Ted Nugent at the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, MS. As I was getting out of the truck at the hotel, I was sticking my Kimber Ultra Carry II that was in an IWB holster into the front of my waistband. Just as I lifted my shirt to slide the holster in my waistband a local...
  5. tanker1983

    Range Report: Kimber Ultra Carry II

    All. My better half picked me up a New Kimber Ultra Carry II. I have just received my Florida CCW and returned from Afghanistan for R&R. We spent the entire vacation in the Destin, Fl area. I went to Shoal River Clays and Shooting Center near Crestview, Fl twice during the 2 week leave. Finally...
  6. tanker1983

    Ammo suggestions

    Greetings all. My better half gave me a Kimber Ultra Carry II for our 25th Anniversary. I was leaning toward Hornady Critical Defense Hollowpoint in 185gr. This is my first compact 1911 and was concerned with the higher grain and misfires. Any thoughts? Thanks