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  1. swidener

    Xds 45

    Hello, it's been awhile since I've posted so please forgive me if there are existing threads on this subject. How many out there carry the XDS 45 as their primary? I just purchased another new one (post recall) and haven't had any issues as of yet and really like it. Then again, I didn't have...
  2. swidener

    Judge Public Defender

    I was wondering how many out there carry a Public Defender? I have never been a Taurus fan but I really like this weapon. I purchased the poly frame version and it has worked great for conceal carry and it's actually 2oz lighter fully loaded than my M&P 9. One of the other things I llke is the...
  3. swidener

    CCW Permit in Union County

    Does anyone have an idea how long it takes to get your CCW permit in Union County? I applied Dec 22nd 2010...getting a little antsy I guess.:wacko:
  4. swidener

    Union county, nc

    New guy here. Appying for my CC permit on December 22nd and pretty excited about it. So just how long am I looking at? I know they say 90 days, but what kind of waiting period have you guys experienced in Union County? Thanks in advance for the feedback!
  5. swidener

    CC Permit

    Just long did it take to actually 'get' your CC permit after all the information was turned in to your local Sheriff's dept (or wherever you had to turn it in)? I live in NC and they stated it can take up to 90 days....what actually takes this long if you have no criminal...
  6. swidener

    CC in church

    Does anyone here cc in their church? I am a deacon at my church and asked my pastor a while back how he felt about one of his parishioners carrying a concealed weapon, and to my surprise this was his answer: "I personally would not condone it, but if someone were to conceal carry I wouldn't...