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  1. Willy Pete

    Win a case of .223 ammo

    Ammo contest: Buy Bulk .223 Ammo Online at - Available and Ready to Ship
  2. Willy Pete

    Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons permit

    I just spoke with the WA Attorney General's office, they are now recognizing Idaho's Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit. Now if we can just get Oregon on board. Link Removed
  3. Willy Pete

    Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons permit

    Idaho's Enhanced Concealed Weapons permit is now recognized by, in addition to those states recognizing the "classic" CWP, New Mexico and Nevada. More to come.
  4. Willy Pete

    Oregon non-resident CCW

    Have any Idahoans gotten an Oregon non-resident license? If so, which county did you apply at and were there any special circumstances that either prohibited or assisted your application process? I live closest to Wallowa County and if anyone is familiar with that Sheriff's attitude toward...
  5. Willy Pete

    What's happening to our rights in this country???!!!

    Are you saying Ginsberg is pulling tubes after court is out of session? That's a riot! Link Removed
  6. Willy Pete

    WA vs. UT CCW

    If you already possess an Idaho permit to carry, do you see much of an advantage to getting a Utah permit as opposed to a Washington permit? It seems like the only advantage is you can carry in Minnesota, West Virginia, and some other tiny state on the eastern seaboard. Of those three...