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  1. Bondhead88

    New Cutlery Laws

    I have been thinking on a new slogan. If those who say Guns kill people then we should also protest cutlery because they make people fat. So the new slogan should be "Flatware causes fat wear!" I think we should start a national cutlery registry. People should be limited to the total quantity...
  2. Bondhead88

    Being Prepared

    We are shortly returning to the US from Peru for about 6 months and I have seen several things that concern me and I want to be better prepared for. Since we arrived here in August (we were in Mexico City for two months previous) there have been several earthquakes registering from 4.4 to 6.8...
  3. Bondhead88


    I went to the dentist today in Mira Flores in Peru. I was thinking about having some of my front teeth pulled and doing a partial denture. The dentist who convinced me not to once he told me the price for him to do an implant with a cap and crown and fix my other two teeth. The total cost will...
  4. Bondhead88

    I Just Stopped a Robbery!

    I just stopped a robbery! I was just at the ScotiaBank machine in Villa El Salvador, Peru and three guys were watching me. As I left I noticed one of the guys break off from the group and start to follow me. So, I slowed down and he slowed down, I sped up an he sped up. I stopped to pretend to...
  5. Bondhead88

    To Newbies Buying their First Gun

    I just wanted to offer some unsolicited advice on buying both guns, ammunition and supplies of all types to newbies. I spent many years as a buyer for several companies before giving it up to work in the ministry and no before you ask we definitely didn’t make this type of change to our lives...
  6. Bondhead88

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