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  1. noffsinger

    What is your favorite milsurp cast bullet powder?

    I am just wondering how many of you out there are reloading cast bullets in your milsurp rifles. I have been doing so for about 9 years now and have found Alliant 2400 to be the most versatile and accurate powder for this purpose. I'm currently loading for .223rem/5.56mm, 7.62x54R, 8x57 Mauser...
  2. noffsinger

    How many out there like the .38 super for cc ?

    I have a Taurus PT 1911 in .38 Super that I prefer to carry. I was just wondering if I'm alone in this. Chime in and let me know how many others there are out there that like this round for defense.
  3. noffsinger

    How many reload the 8x56R Hungarian ?

    I finally had a little time to start developing some loads for the 8x56R Hung using Hornady bullets from Graf's as well as casting with the LEE C329-205-1R. I have had good results using both with my best accuracy coming from the LEE cast bullet over WC867, ( 56.0 gr on top of 2.0 gr Hodgdon...
  4. noffsinger

    Scope For AR

    Here is a suggestion, take a look at: Link Removed They have inexpensive, decent optics that you can use for your AR. I've acquired 8 of these type for my customers that wanted to try running with optics on their AR's, 6 still have them on their rifles, 1 upgraded to an ACOG, and one upgraded to...
  5. noffsinger

    What 308 to get ?

    Here is mine. Remington 700 SPS AAC-SD, DNZ Tactical-Remington 700 LA-1" Scope Tube-RH-High Mount, VISM VSFDR1042G 10X42 Vantage Series scope, YHM 7.62 Phantom Stainless QD suppressor. Link RemovedLink Removed
  6. noffsinger

    How many of you load for 8x56R?

    I have been loading for this cartridge for about 5 years now, and would love to hear about loads and results from others who load for it. I have been using Privi brass, Graf's Hornady bullets as well as casting with the LEE mould.
  7. noffsinger

    What Kind Of AK Do You Have? Any Mods? Post Pics!

    My WASR-10 with TAPCO extended length stock Link Removed
  8. noffsinger

    215gr .44 mag loads

    This data is fom lyman's manual 1 It should help a bit I hope. Remember to use safe loading practices and work up to the loads listed. Link Removed