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    Is there a list of “thru travel” rules by state?

    I’m not looking to carry any where on my travels, but want to know the rules for each state, where it pertains, when simply having a firearm in the vehicle (with a CCP of course). I’m traveling through all of NE as far south as PA and MD. I know the rules for NY, but what about the other states...
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    California and Oregon

    I will be traveling across the US and these are the two states I cant seem to find a definitive answer in simple terms. I know they dont honor my permit. So, what do I do in each state? I have a Chevy Avalanche which has two separate locking compartments outside of the vehicle cabin. Is that...
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    Castle Doctrine Question

    Sorry if this has been addressed, but its a fairly new law in TN that allows non CCP citizens of TN to carry their firearm in their vehicle, loaded and accessable, just as if you were in your home. I am in the process of obtaining my CCP here in TN, but was wondering what the castle doctrine...