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    reloading sw 40 for practice

    i need reload data for 165 gr copper platted ball & accura #9 powder. can only find data on 165 jacketed round with same powder. is there a posibility of cross matching data if i stay on low side of data ?
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    Hypothetical Question

    I'm a retired male of small stature. My question what point in a confrontation in a public parking lot, place, etc. could I legally pull my concealed weapon to defend myself if/when confronted by a male individual half my age, twice my size, with a out of control temper, but no visible...
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    IWB Carry?

    I'm considering changing to inside the wasteband carry. Should I assume that my pants and shorts will have to be replaced with ones that are 1 to 2 sizes larger? If that's the case, the cost of the new holster is going to actually be a lot higher than I originally anticipated. Any thoughts from...
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    Cell Pal Holster

    Has anyone had personal experience with the Cell Pal holster for all day carry? Is it comfortable all day? This is the first time I have run accross this holster. Sounds interesting.