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    Would you shoot down a drone over your back yard?

    You have too much time on your hands sh!t-kicker. Gun nut much? Living your entire life around guns?
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    A Shariah-approved nuclear attack

    When someone says death to America we should believe them. Check out Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's video --> Link Removed
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    Senator proposing tighter gun control after church shootings

    Because we all see how well these things worked in places like NY, MA, CT, CA. And another background check? Doesn't that mean the first background check is ineffective?
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    Is it legal? Why would MA allow it?

    Exactly. Ballistic fingerprinting goes right out the window. Anti-gunners aren't thinking past the basics when they propose such laws. I could be wrong but I believe states like NY & CA require the new barrel be registered. As if that's going to do anything.
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    The SSI Disability "Gun Grab" question

    I'm not dumb for sure. 35 years as a practicing attorney. This thread isn't about the VA, it's about the SSA. We all know what's happening with vets. The purported basis of the VA situation is mental health issues brought about in some cases by combat. That's a big difference from taking...