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    Delta Airlines: Handgun In Checked Luggage Experiences?

    Does anyone have any recent experiences with checking a handgun in checked luggage on a Delta Airlines flight? I travel frequently via airlines other than Delta but this trip (Atlanta-LAX-Atlanta) will be my first time on Delta in 30 years. With all my previous air travel, I'm very familiar with...
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    Date of Manufacture by Serial Number Lookup?

    Does anyone know of any good websites where one can look up the date of a firearm's manufacture by its serial number? (I did try the search function on here to see if this has been discussed before, but I didn't find it; of course, I am old and barely computer literate, so I might have done it...
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    Web Tool for "Side-By-Side" State CCW Comparison?

    Does anyone know of a web tool or resource to compare two or three State's CCW laws/requirements/restrictions-to-carry-locations, etc, in a "side-by-side" style or manner? I am interested in comparing the requirements for - and restrictions to - CCW'ing in three States (TX, UT, and ID) and...