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    Think Fast!!

    You awake to the sound of breaking glass and someone forcing your front door open in the middle of the night... You pull open the door to your nightstand and this is what you have.. What do you grab first?
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    Which legislation makes more sense?

    New gun laws or requiring alarms on theatre emergency doors?
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    Pick em out and knock em out

    Here's something from Chicago regarding a recent trend... Prosecutors: 62-year-old's death just a game for 3 teens -
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    Plinking outside of Boise

    Are there any acceptable areas on public land outside the Boise area where I could do a little .22 plinking with my son in law and daughter?
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    Giving a pistol as a gift

    I'm planning on giving my son in law a pistol as a gift this summer and I'm trying to decide which gun to give. He's an inexperienced shooter and this would be his first gun. I'm torn between giving him a Ruger MKII or a Bersa Thunder .380. The Ruger would be a great trainer, accurate and...
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    Just made my first trip with a handgun

    Not much to say, actually... It went very smooth. Hi, I'm traveling with a handgun in my checked baggage today. Ok, open your case. Is it unloaded? sign this. Have a nice flight.. However, the TSA did hassle me in the security line, because they didn't like the size of the baggie I had my...
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    contents allowed in flight case.

    I'm getting ready for an upcoming trip, which will involve flying. I just picked up one of these Secure-It safes: Link Removed It's a tight fit but it complies with TSA and FAA requirements, and it has a cable to lock it into the baggage frame...
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    Recent trip to Arizona

    Forum newbie here... I got my non resident CCW license from Utah last year, in advance of a recent road trip from Illinois to Arizonaand back. I did all of my homework ahead of time, including reading a week before my trip that New Mexico had just decided not to honor the Utah license anymore...