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    Gun Control explained

    I saw this on Youtube and though it was worth sharing. Its very good. :laugh:
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    Gun show Ammo?

    I know it can range from show to show, but do you think gun shows typically have good ammo prices? I didn’t think so until recently as all the costs I’ve seen were basically the same as the big catalog prices. Although, I did find some Speer LE Gold Dot 9mm +P 124Gr HP for $25 for a box of 50...
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    Magazine Spring life span?

    For any of your carry pistols where the magazine is kept full almost always, how often do you need to replace the spring? Obviously I'd rather not wait until I start having failures, but dont want to just change for the sake of changing. I guess it could depend on the make, but is there a...
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    Still not comfortable

    I’m new to concealed carry, and I would “think” that the two carry guns I have would be much more comfortable then they are for me. (Kahr CM9 w/ a Desantis SofTuck and a S&W642 with a Highnoon Hidden ally - who has GREAT customer service for what it’s worth) If I pocket carry, they are both...
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    Concealed Carry discussion with Kids

    Hi. I’m very glad, and fortunate to have taken the steps to be a responsible & citizen and have recently obtained my CCW permit. I am a extremely safe, responsible and curious person by nature, so I’m also curious about how some of you choose to deal with this topic. I have two kids (both under...
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    Opinions sought on a used H&K 9 MM for a new Kahr CM9

    Am I wrong in my thinking on this? I have a full sized H&K 9MM USP (I shot about 1500 rounds tops through it) that I want to trade for a Kahr CM9. I love the H&K, but its too big for a CCW, and I'd rather have something that I can use for everyday carry. From a cost standpoint, I'm thinking...
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    Current CCL wait time in Wake County?

    Hi. Does anyone know what the current wait time is for a CC Permit in Wake County? I've seen some info on it saying anywhere from 3 weeks to the full 90 days, but the on line posts are old. Thank you.
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    Good Handgun safe?

    Can anyone recommend any good handgun safes? Right now, with 2 kids in the house, I keep my handgun in a backpack, unloaded & locked in it's original factory case high in my closet out if sight. I consider this to be safe, but totally inaccessible if I need quick access. I want to buy a safe so...
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    More Concealable: Revolver or Semi Auto?

    From a pure concealable standpoint, from these listed here, what do you think is the most easy to conceal? I've seen it discussed plenty (which is helpful) about the pros and cons of revolvers vs semi-autos and different calibers, but for my question here, what I am looking to hear is what is...
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    Testing a gun before buying?

    I know there has been a lot discussed here on if a .380 is enough for a concealed carry (and I don't mean just as a backup gun) As I am just taking my CCW class tomorrow, I'm starting to think what I would want to carry. I see both sides of the arguments as to why a .380 that you are able to...
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    Newbie concealed concerns/questions.

    Hi. 1st Post.....I've owned a pistol for about 15 years (most in NY with a permit) and now in NC for general target and range use. I'm interested in getting a concealed carry permit and have some total newbie questions. I guess my 2 biggest concerns are 1. Forgetting that I am carrying, and...